A walk through Puntigam and Strassgang

Reducing the Urban Patchwork

Plot 1

Brownfield site | land-use classified as I1 industrial zone 1 | building density 0.5-2.5 | size of plot 10100 m² part of 114684 m² area | plot no. 40/1 | cadastral community no. 63118 | folio no. 1191 | District of Puntigam | plot classified as part of site of Puntigam brewery | protection zone well protection area 1

“Beer drinkers’ dreams come true. Beautiful plot located directly on the site of the brewery. Cinema, shopping centres and Swedish furniture store nearby.”

Foto von Grundstück in der Herrgottwiesgasse

Herrgottwiesgasse / Bezirk Puntigam

Plot 2

Leftover area, sealed surface | land-use classified as public good, commercial development area | building density 0.5-1-5 | size of plot approx. 5000 m² | plot no. 367/10, part of plot 352/15 | cadastral community no. 63125 | folio no. 2201, 3301 | District of Puntigam | plot classified as public good, sealed surface | protection zone footpath and cycle path, security zone aircraft

“May I have your attention please? This is a bargain! A special deal for shopping freaks in Puntigam. Motorbike club, Spar central warehouse, garden centre and Swedish furniture store nearby.”

Foto von Grundstück am Schwarzer Weg

Schwarzer Weg / Bezirk Puntigam

plot analysis

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